Leslie's Cork Creations


Birds love using these houses as a roosting place during the cold months of Fall, Winter and early Spring.
These bird houses are completely functional, with a wood frame and real cork siding and shingles.

A perch is intentionally omitted to prevent access into the house by larger, predator birds.



All of the Cork Bird Houses are made with weather-grade adhesive

for indoor or outdoor use.

The bottom is removable for easy cleaning and there is a "chimney-like" tab at the back for hanging.

Approximate measurements: 

 6 1/2" L x 4 1/2" W x 10" H

The entrance hole is 1 1/8", a standard size to accommodate most song birds.

A perfect gift for the bird lover or wine enthusiast. No two are alike!

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Please note that each cork birdhouse is unique and the cork types may not be the same as in the photos.


All corks used are genuine wine corks!


Price $39.99
Wine Cork Birdhouse
Barrel Tile Roof

 Model # 1

Discounted shipping options

Price $39.99
Wine Cork Birdhouse
Hand Cut Champagne Cork Shingle Roof

Model # 2

discounted shipping options

Price $12.99
Wine Cork Coasters
A pack of four wine cork coasters
with wood backing for stability
Wine Cork Key Chains

$3.99 each
or 3 for $9.99
Qunatity Discount Options
When purchasing either a set of coasters or a wine cork key chain with a birdhouse house purchase, any additional shipping for either of these two items will be refunded upon our receipt of the order..